Pelatih Persela Lamongan Heri Kiswanto (kanan) dan Eki Taufik, selepas pertandingan lawan Bhayangkara FC, Senin (17/7/2017).

Coach Persela Akui Bhayangkara FC Shown Better

Coach Persela Lamongan, Herry Kiswanto, assessing his team deserved to lose from Bhayangkara FC in the game continued Liga 1 Taruhan Casino Online.

Unexpectedly, Persela Lamongan fell at home from Bhayangkara FC with a score of 1-3 in the game held at the Surajaya Stadium on Monday (17/7/2017) night. Two goals Thiago Furtuoso and Paulo Sergio penalty kick, can only be returned by Samsul Arifin Persela.

In fact, in the previous two games, protege Herry Kiswanto had an impressive game. They bend Pusamania Borneo FC with a score of 3-1 and can hold Persib in Bandung with the score 1-1.

“We’ve fought the most, but the result is like this. We have to accept this defeat gentle because it did not appear maximal, “said Herkis-greeting familiar Persela coach it – after the game.

Many parties judge, the defeat of Laskar Joko Tingkir team because can not be strengthened by a line of flagship players ranging from Ivan Carlos to Eka Ramdani. Only, Herkis dismissed the assumption.

“Actually we’ve tried in practice without some of the players. Initially the road during practice, it just did not work, “he said.

In the game, Persela had to play with ten players after Ahmad Birrul Walidain got his second yellow card, 10 minutes from time, when his team trailed 0-2.

Birrul also became the cause of Bhayangkara’s penalty from the referee and successfully used to successfully double the position in the 75th minute by Paulo Sergio.

“I do not want to comment on red cards. I also do not want to comment about the penalty. The important thing the player must accept this result, and try to better in the next game. Because if the work is bad in the field, the result is like this, “said Herkis.

The former architect PSS Sleman also did not deny that he instructed the players to try to do long-distance kick in the hope could be a solution for the absence of some players mainstay.

“I did instruct the players, if there is a chance ya just shooting. Only, indeed the player was in a hurry so the impression is not right target. For that, it takes a calm and this is a lesson for us, must be improved, “he said.

In line with the coach, Eki Taufik is again believed to play the position of central defender in the match counter Bhayangkara FC admitted that the visitors played much better than himself and his colleagues.

“We admit failure because the opponent is playing better, maybe now all the players are better focused just looking at the next game,” Eki said.