Conflict Neymar – Cavani in PSG Emery Error

Former Santos coach Muricy Ramalho, assessing the conflict between two Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) bombers, Neymar and Edinson Cavani, was the fault of Unai Emery Coach. He even mentioned Emery did not deserve to train a team classmate of PSG.

Rift clear between Edinson Cavani and Neymar against Olympique Lyon on Monday (09/18/2017) pm dawn. The first friction comes when PSG gets a free kick. When Cavani was about to execute the free kick, Daniel Alves picked up the ball, then handed it to Neymar. Uruguay striker was in cash can not hide his disappointment.

The second friction occurred when the referee awarded a penalty for Les Parisiens in the 79th minute. This time, the Brazilian mega star asks to be executor. However, Cavani did not grant it. Shit for the former Napoli striker. His execution was incapable of conquering Anthony Lopes.

As soon as the whistle sounded after the referee, Cavani went straight to the locker room. Meanwhile, along with other players, Neymar gives applaus first to the fans who are in the stands Parc des Princes Stadium. According to Ramalho, all this is Emery’s fault.

“PSG and his coach are very disorganized, it’s Emery’s fault for what’s happened, I always defend the coach, but this time Emery is guilty This is a mess It’s all out of a plan There can be no such thing,” Muricy told SporTV.

“Who will take the corner kick should be clear, whoever takes the free kick should be clear, everything should be set up.This is a coach mess, I do not hate the European coach, but this coach is not even unequal Neymar.

“Emery has absolutely no moral, he does not decide who will take the free kick and the penalty, and the coach who does this is irregular Emery has to go back to Sevilla He does not deserve to be in PSG,” Muricy added.