Enzo Zidane (22), called on all parties not to compare his ability and career with his father, Zinedine Zidane (45).

Enzo Zidane has now officially signed Deportivo Alaves with a duration of three seasons. This is due to the difficulty of Zinedine Zidane’s first son to become a regular player in the Real Madrid primary team.

Enzo’s move from Real Madrid to Alaves further fueled some parties to compare the player’s career path with his father.

“There’s always a comparison, I’m used to it and do not have to think about it, we both play in the same position, but I have my own way of playing,” said Enzo.

“I just need to think about playing, working hard, improving my ability every day, I am a player with technical qualities and vision of playing, I want to make the team play well,” he said.

Although it should be “wasted” to Alaves, Enzo pleaded not disappointed. Even the players born in Bordeaux on 24 March 1995 were very excited to start a new sheet with the team nicknamed Babazorros it.

“Alaves is a club that has a very exciting project, very seriously, with a big future, a team that has a remarkable season last season to reach the Copa del Rey final,” said Enzo.

“They are focused on young players, from the start I am happy with everyone here, and among all the options I have, Alaves is the best option for me, I have no doubts since the beginning,” he said.