Liverpool midfielder Less Assist Defense

British football observer Dean Saunders has an analysis of Liverpool’s main problems this season. Seeing the Reds conceded nine goals in five Premier League games, he did not rate the defense as a weakness.

Rather than highlighting the back line, unlike the views of British media, Saunders further highlighted the lack of Liverpool’s defensive midfielder role in helping the defenders.

For the former Liverpool striker in the 1990s era, Jurgen Klopp’s team has no defensive midfielders like N’Golo Kante. Saunders feels players like Jordan Henderson and Emre Can do not provide extra protection for their peers in the back.

“Does Henderson have thoughts like Kante? I think Henderson is an athlete who is around the field. Can Can have thoughts like Kante, (Claude) Makelele, and (Patrick) Vieira? “Saunders told TalkSport.

“I feel sorry for Lovren. I do not think they get protection, “he said.

Because of the frustration of this situation, Saunders claims to be cursing Henderson and Can if he is in a position like Lovren. Therefore, Liverpool midfielder made a gap towards the back line.