Nice President Furious With The Whims of The Related Barcelona Series

Saga transfer of Barcelona in the summer again invited a lot of criticism Game Judi Online. Where, this criticism comes from the stronghold of Nice related players, Jean-Michael Series.

The reason, Barcelona like a beard fire when Neymar move to Paris Saint-Germain with the price reached 222 million euros. And with the money Neymar sales, Barca try to disrupt the star players from the top European club.

Call it Philippe Coutinho that up to make the player ask for sale and not played all this August by the tactician Jurgen Klopp. Until finally Coutinho remained uniformed The Reds.

The series had been linked with Barca after the Coutinho negotiations were arrested. Even Les Cules almost approached the agreement related to the transfer before they finally chose to bring Paulinho. This makes Nice furious.

“Julie Fournier, the manager of Nice, called me in the morning and said: ‘Jean-Pierre, I do not understand why Barcelona called and suddenly canceled the Series transfer,’ said Nice President Jean-Pierre Rivere.

“In the afternoon, Bartomeu called me, it was a bit embarrassing, because he said:” It was the first time it happened to us. Our staff decided not to buy the Series, but this is not about financial problems, “he said.