Sriwijaya FC Vs Persiba, Hilton Absen and Beware of Opponents

Toward the duel entertain Persiba Balikpapan, Tuesday (29/8/2017), at the Stadium of Sriwijaya Jakabaring Palembang, Sriwijaya FC still have problems, especially for the front-line sector.

Attacker Sriwijaya FC, Hilton Moirera, when host Persiba later can not be lowered.

He was hit by a yellow card accumulation last time facing Bhayangkara FC at the Patriot Stadium.

Because of that, Sriwijaya FC will build a special formation, starting from the back line, midfield, to channel the ball forward.

For the back line, Sriwijaya FC has Dominggus Fakdawer, Ahmad Fariz, Yanto Basna, and Gilang Ginarsa.

Bio Paulin and Robby Satria may also be lowered because they are seen recovering from injury.

For the midfield, Sriwijaya FC will still rely on a trio of team captains, Yu Hyun-koo, with Tijani Belaid and Ichsan Kurniawan.

On the front lines, in order to overcome the absence of Hilton, who became an option to accompany Alberto Goncalves, coach Hartono Ruslan has prepared Nur Iskandar, Anis Nabar, and Dwi Rizki Ramadhana.

According Hartono Ruslan, Persiba is now not a weak team again with the number of new ammunition that has joined in this second round.

“We do not want to lose again in the home game, so the team has to work hard even though Persiba is not a weak team anymore because it has changed a lot by adding some new players,” said Hartono Ruslan.

Some of the front row players who should be aware of Persiba and can provide a threat to Sriwijaya FC is Marlon Da Silva, Srdjan Lopicic, and Anmar Almubaraki.

“So far all players are ready, nobody is injured, only Hilton can not be lowered,” said Hartono, “the kids are in high optimism to win.

In terms of techniques, some things that have been prepared to entertain Persiba, among them by fixing the finishing and trying some variants when Beto is turned off by opposing players.

“We want to help Beto role how when guarded by opposing players,” said Hartono.

The Solo coach also said, for the back line, so far there is no problem, live only determine the central defender who is really ready to be lowered.

Meanwhile, Yanto Basna admitted his condition is now no problem after absent in the last fight against Bhayangkara.

He hopes with a lot of new defenders, they can fill each other.

“We are ready now for the game, but Persiba already has some pretty dangerous players, but I already know their anticipation to be anticipated,” he said.